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Los Angeles Wedding Offician and Ceremony Officiant with more than 23 years of experience. I can help you design the perfect wedding ceremony. I also perform beach weddings in the Los Angeles area.My name is Rev. Stacie O'Dowd and I am a wedding officiant in Los Angeles, California. I love weddings and I've had the honor of officiating at thousands of weddings in the Los Angeles area. I have performed all types of wedding ceremonies for couples from just about every country, religion, and spiritual background.

As a Wedding Officiant in Los Angeles, I compose each couple's wedding ceremony around the personalities of the bride and groom, working with them to design a ceremony reflecting their beliefs about God and their love for each other.

With 23 years of experience and more than 3600 weddings performed as a Wedding Officiant, I am able to help couples design a heart centered ceremony, at a location of their choice, with numerous options that assist them to honor their traditions, whether they are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, inter-faith, or agnostic.

Tell me what you'd like. It's your special day and I am here to help.

Services I Can Help You With Include:

  Notary Public, State of California - YES
  License at reasonable rates - YES
  Marriage licenses in 30 minutes - YES
  Wedding officiant / minister - YES
  Wedding performed immediately - YES
  Any time, any place - YES
  Contemporary, civil or traditional - YES
  Wedding and marriage license package at reasonable rates - YES
  Confidential Marriage License - YES


I can help you design a very personal, special, and unique wedding ceremony that reflects your love, your commitment to each other, and your life together in the years to come. I perform wedding ceremonies in the Los Angeles area at the location of your choice. If you need help finding or selecting a wedding ceremony site in Los Angeles I'll be glad to help you. I am also authorized to perform and provide confidential marriage license for you in Los Angeles County.

I offer a variety of support and services to help you honor traditions, if that's what you want, whether they are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Inter-Faith, or Agnostic.

I perform wedding ceremonies throughout the Los Angeles area and beach weddings in LA are a favorite among many of the couples I've worked with.

A wedding ceremony may blend cultural beliefs and backgrounds such as using lasso, coin, cord, veil, etc. It may include the Cup of Life Ceremony or the Wine Ceremony, which celebrates the sharing of the sweetness of their life together, the Unity Candle Ceremony, or the Rose Ceremony. A ceremony involving the children may be included to celebrate the formation of the newly blended family.


With the busy lives, we all have today, a couple planning a wedding, keeping up with all the appointments and cost involved can easily become hectic. Therefore having consultations with couples by telephone, e-mail and FAX, allows them to contact me at a time convenient for them.

Marriage License: The Paperwork

All of the paper work is handled by mail so the day of your ceremony all the couple has to do is sign the marriage license. If you have any questions I am always available by phone at (800) 750-4550. There is no such thing as a "silly question" when it comes to your wedding. I am happy to answer any questions about your ceremony as often as needed.

Wedding Vows and Wedding Ceremonies

I do not use off the shelf set ceremonies but adapt the ceremony to the preferences of the individuals being married. If you are on a budget, I have many money saving tips I am happy to share. The fee for a personalized ceremony depends on the complexity of the ceremony and a variety of factors and time required to personalized the ceremony. I usually put in at least 25 hours of work each ceremony.

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